Sneakers That Suit Your Suit

Tired of wearing super uncomfortable shoes with your suit? You’d obviously want to wear something a little more comfortable that doesn’t look like you pulled it out off pop pop’s closet. You can have your sartorial cake and eat it too, my friend.  All you need is the right shoes and the right swag. If you follow these instructions on how to rock sneakers with a suit, people will be like GQ who?

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    1. Brian says:

      This is some kind of joke right? If you're wearing a suit, "swag" should not be in your vocabulary. You're trying to be classy and professional. Go ahead and wear sneakers with your suit, you'll fit right in with those office schmucks who wear short sleeve dress shirts, and black Wal-Mart velcro sneakers.

      1. nycbass says:

        Except for the part where you're talking about how bad short sleeve dress shirts and black Wal-Mart velcro sneakers look, I would argue that you're wrong.

        It's 2013. Just because you're wearing a suit doesn't mean that you're headed to an ultra-formal event. There are plenty of occasions where this would be acceptable. Birthdays, a date where you want to look clean but not too formal, even wearing these while you're coming/leaving work.

        We're not suggesting that you completely leave your loafers or dress shoes at home, we're just demonstrating that there can be options.

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