Twitter Twerk Wars! Miley Cyrus (and Monkey) vs. Sofia Vergara!

Miley Cyrus will not put up with Sofia Vergara taking over the twerking scene with Twitpics! And that’s the kind of war where everyone wins! For those who came in late, Sofia Vergara cornered the internet with some amazing post-Emmys partying pics–that included her twerking up a storm in a way that just somehow seemed more enticing than Miley. Take a look…

sofia vergara twerk twitter emmys

Sofia posted that photo along with this mocking text: “Miley cyrus this is where the twerk was invented. Colombia!” Well, obviously Miley could not let that stand–and she’s fired back with Twitpics of the young pop diva twerking with a monkey. Yes, that is correct. This has already escalated to simian warfare. See for yourself…

miley cyrus twerk monkey

And if you’re thinking, “Well, at least she’s not humping a puppet,” then we have some bad news….

miley cyrus twerk puppet

How will Sofia respond to this? We’re hoping that her advisers will recommend more pics of her eating a hamburger–like this other post-Emmy pic that Sofia posted…

sofia vergara hamburger emmys

We can only assume that the White House is bringing the Secretary of Defense in at this point. In contrast, we’re real warmongers who are hoping that this becomes a 100-Year War. Or however long these gals keep looking great. Hey, maybe Miley will respond by eating a monkey! We’ll be monitoring the whole situation, of course, while also killing some time monitoring some of our favorite COED galleries of both of these amazing ladies. Check out the pics below and see why it’s so difficult to choose a side…



    1. HJH says:

      trash war<img src="; width="1">

    2. HJH says:

      trash<img src="; width="1">

    3. HJH says:

      t.rash war<img src="; width="1">

    4. HJH says:

      trashy …<img src="; width="1">

    5. mee says:

      stooopid…<img src="; width="1">

    6. Under Sophia says:

      This is like a US vs N Korea war. Sophia being the US and Miley never really a threat, just a bunch of talk…

    7. desert fox says:

      don't want to see Miley eating a…monkey!!! <img src=";;;;;; alt="Free counters!" width="1" height="1" border="0" /> <img src=";;;;;; width="1" height="1" border="0" />

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