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Watch Prince Fielder Steal A Fan’s Nacho [Video]

If Prince Fielder had a bunch of nachos, we’re sure he would share them with you, so why can’t he have one of yours?

During a game with the Seattle Mariners, the Detroit Tigers’ Prince Fielder chased down a foul ball before it went into the stands. Naturally, Fielder was a little tired after having to move his massive body at such a fast speed. He needed to refuel, so he quickly stole a fan’s nacho before heading back to the infield.

We really like the idea of being able to feed your favorite athletes if you have good seats. Is there a better way to show that you support your team than by showing up to the game with a home-cooked meal? Sure, the players are already being paid millions of dollars, but maybe they would try extra hard if they knew someone might give them fresh cookies when they make a good play.

via YouTube

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