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Saturday Cocktail: A Royal Twist on the Classic Sidecar

We love a classic cocktail here at COED. It makes us imagine ourselves in the offices of Sterling Cooper & Partners, flirting with our secretaries and having three martini lunches at 11am. But alas, we mostly drink beer, and it’s usually on Fridays. But that doesn’t mean we can’t indulge in some good spirits this weekend. Enter the Crown Royal Sidecar.

This cocktail is delicious anytime of year, but it welcomes fall with a certain warmth. No matter who you’re entertaining this weekend, even if it’s only yourself, they are sure to be impressed with your refined Crown Royal palate. Check out the recipe below and get to shaking.

Crown Royal Sidecar
Crown Royal® – 1.25 oz.
Orange Liqueur – 0.25 oz.
Lemon Juice – 0.25 oz.

Combine ingredients in a shaker. Shake and pour into a sugar-rimmed glass for a light, sweet and satisfying cocktail.

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