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Great Breaking News: Study Shows Alcohol Does Not Make You Depressed


Drink up! In the end when you feel sad just realize it’s just you’re crappy life that gets you down, not the booze.

Here is the synopsis, courtesy of MSN:

According to clinical neuroscientists from University of Western Australia, the long-held assumption that booze causes depression is bunk. Looking at the genetic variant that renders some unable to hold their liquor, the research — involving 3,873 elderly male participants — found there was “no association with depression whatsoever,” said Professor Osvaldo Almeida. Less merrily, however, the “results also debunk the view that mild to moderate alcohol consumption may reduce the risk of depression.”

So this study, done with only males for some reason, says that alcohol doesn’t make you depressed but drinking regularly may reduce the risk of being a Debbie Downer? Might as well just be drunk all the time.

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