How To Avoid The Freshman 15

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Today's 10 - September 19th, 2013Today's 10 - September 19th, 2013
Yes, This 'McEverything' Order Happened [PIC DUMP]Yes, This 'McEverything' Order Happened [PIC DUMP]

how to avoid the freshman 15

If you don’t know by now, there’s a “myth” that by the end of your freshman year of college, you gain 15 pounds. Let me tell you something my friends – this is no myth. You will see countless high school bombshells and bros coming back from the first year of school looking a little, ummm, heavier by summer break. There’s nothing technically wrong with that. BUT if you want to avoid that fateful freshman 15, then heed some of the tips¬†below.

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