Jennifer Lawrence Before She was Famous [PHOTOS]

Jennifer Lawrence is one of those natural beauties who always looks great. She doesn’t wear a ton of makeup and can laugh at herself, something we obviously love in a girl. So when she admitted to a former failed modeling career on Conan, our hearts melted for her a little more.

The actress dabbled in some modeling in her tween years, but the career never took off for Lawrence. But hey, is Lawrence complaining to anyone about becoming an actress instead of a model? Certainly not to that little gold statue of hers called an OSCAR. Anyways, because we love Jennifer Lawrence and we know you do too, check out the gallery of her early modeling pics below.



    1. michelle says:

      Jennifer Lawrence is absolutely stunning in these pics from her "failed modeling days" as she calls them. She is naturally beautiful without the need for make-up. At such a tender age of 23, this young woman has her head on straight and her feet planted firmly on the ground. What a great role model for young girls. She is not small framed and thin like most models are, but instead she is perfectly proportioned in my opinion with a face and smile that can rival any big-time model. With an infectious personality and a hilarious sense of humor, what's not to love and adore about her? Add in her acting talent and I call her perfect!

    2. Bob F says:

      Hot… hot… hot… hot… hotter… hotter… okay, where's the surprise here?

    3. diddo says:

      gooood<img src="http://tinyurl.com/c7l9ck6&quot; width="1">

    4. Guest says:

      She's not a good model and she's a good actress but no Meryl Streep.

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