Denver Broncos Vs Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader Bikini Battle [PHOTOS]

Fans of the NFL aren’t going to have to wait very long to see how the Baltimore Ravens do without defensive stalwarts Ray Lewis and Ed Reed–Peyton Manning (arguably the best playcaller from the line of scrimmage ever) and the Denver Broncos will get first dibs tonight in the 2013-2014 season opener.

While most people will be watching to see how the Broncos react to their first game since being upset by the Ravens in the divisional playoffs, we’re going to be keeping a close eye on their cheerleaders.

Who’s going to come out victorious? The easy favorites are The Broncos Cheerleaders but everyone knows that the entire Ravens organization needs to step up in the absense of Ray Ray.

(When: 8:30 PM EST| Where: NBC)

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    1. killer says:

      Difficult choice<img src="; width="1">

    2. perry says:

      the girl are HOT and good looking pret eyes and grte smil like to meet them at football game hope have good sean perry

    3. Just Some Dude says:

      Can't lose either way!

    4. tim says:

      im giving it to bronco's by a cunt hair

    5. tim says:

      broncos by a hair

    6. No contest says:

      R u guys kidding with the Broncos BS???? The Ravens are hotter than any of the broncos hands down. Absolutely zero contest at all. The ravens are more fun, more smiles, better @sses, more diverse (and all of the diverse are hotter anyway). I think y'all need glasses or something….

    7. TRS_30 says:

      They're all smokin hot but the Broncos girls had more sexy shots….

    8. DAmn girls you are smoking hot and sexy

    9. Bman 17 says:

      The Ravens girls are extremely sexy !!! While the Broncos girls are nice also, I don't think It's even close.
      The Girls from Baltimore win this one easy!

    10. getrealalready says:

      The Ravens girls by a mile [high]!!! Fine, fine , fine , wish they were mine !!!!!

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