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College Football 2013 Week 1 Preview: Cheerleader Edition

It’s time to throw away all the preseason blabber, rankings, and anything else talking heads want you to hear because the real deal is finally here. College football begins Thursday night, August 29th. And that means the hottest college football schedule on the web does too.

Not only are we showing you the 22 best games to watch, we’re also going to provide you with some sideline entertainment in the form of cheerleaders. So instead of spending this time trying to figure out spreads and points, why not figure out which team has the hotter cheerleaders?

Let’s face it, that’s something you’re better at anyways.

Thursday, August 29th

North Carolina at (6) South Carolina

(6:00 PM EST | ESPN)

(24) USC at Hawaii

(11:00 PM EST | CBS Sports Network)

Saturday, August 31st

Buffalo at (2) Ohio State

(12:00 PM EST | ESPN 2)

UMass at (23) Wisconsin

(12:00 PM EST | Big 10 Network)

Toledo at (10) Florida

(12:21 PM EST | ESPN3)

Rice at (7) Texas A&M

(1:00 PM EST | ESPN)

Central Michigan at (17) Michigan

(3:30 PM EST | Big 10 Network)

Temple at (14) Notre Dame

(3:30 PM EST | NBC)

Mississippi State at (13) Oklahoma State

(3:30 PM EST | ABC/ESPN 2)

Nicholls State at (3) Oregon

(4:00 PM EST | Fox Sports 1)