12 Animals That Can Twerk Better Than Miley Cyrus [GIFS]

Somewhere along the line, Miley Cyrus queened herself the unofficial “Queen of Twerking.”

First it was the “Can’t Stop” video, then it was her e-tarded appearance on the VMAs, and now she’s just released a single with Lil Twist titled “Twerk.” Hannah, give me a f*cking break. Listen, I love watching white girls twerking as much as the next dude but the fact remains that she’s just not that good at it.

Point and case: these 12 animals who are better at shaking their stuff than Miley. They’ve also got decidedly better-looking hair.

While looking at these animals, it’s best to help set the mood with this jam right here. Press play and then continue on to the GIFs.

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