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30 Twerking Failures Who Won’t Be On Diplo’s Twerkwall [GIFS]

Diplo didn’t invent twerking, but you can definitely credit the man for making it famous. His singular vision of allowing women the freedom to #expressyourself has taken the dance to another level. But he’s not done yet.

This year at Electric Zoo, Diplo will be breaking a record for the most people twerking onstage at the same time because that’s just how he rolls. If you’re a woman who’s 18+ and can provide her own transportation to the music festival and you’re interested in being a part of history, send a submission to In exchange for the honor of holding yourself up on your hands and shaking your moneymaker, Diplo will be providing 50 free tickets to a select number of women.

If you twerk anything like these people, don’t bother sending in your submission.

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