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Ariana Grande: Woman Who Won The Week [PHOTOS]

Even though it’s some dumb publicity, Ariana Grande really put herself on the map this week

The 20 year-old singer’s being billed as the new Mariah Carey, and although she hasn’t gone to a mental hospital or f**ked Derek Jeter yet, she’s at least getting herself known. And she definitely whisper-whines sings like Mariah.

She’s in the headlines this week in a confusing way. According to E! Online, the young starlet-to-be is dating some dickbag from some douche band, but stirred the pot by appearing in a selfie with everybody’s favorite dyke, Justin Bieber.

But according to TMZ, she was dating a different guy and cheated on him with Bieber’s mouth. We all know journalism ain’t what is used to be, but we’d at least appreciate a bit more rigor in the useless human being aka teen celebrity circuit.

via E! Online

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