Girls Gone Too Wild Wednesday: August 21st [32 PHOTOS]

To all the incoming freshmen women about to leave for school, let this be your first class in how to get wild. The three keys to successfully landing yourself on Girls Gone Too Wild are as follows:

• Make sure you only drink shots and no beer out of fear of gaining a Freshmen 15.

• Make sure there’s room in the bathroom for a drunken photoshoot.

• Shot glasses aren’t jude made to be held by your hands. Get creative.

• Email us at with any photos you’d like us to use.



    1. keen says:

      The first pic is epic<img src="; width="1">

    2. Not Steve says:

      Puking and shitting yourself #26, thats just a lil tooooo wild for me…..

    3. wow says:

      #23 NIPPLE!!!!!

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