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Talita Correa Should Be On Your Radar [31 PHOTOS]

Talita Correa is a Brazilian model you should definitely be keeping on your radar. Are we featuring a Brazilian because today is the first day you can buy World Cup Tickets? No, but it’s damn fine coincidence. We chose to feature her today because (just like every girl who should be on your radar) it’s honestly the first time that we’ve ever heard of her.

Talita is represented here in the United States by Heffner Management (a different Hef I assure you), has been published in Maxim Germany and has worked for numerous underwear companies including Enorama.

If we don’t see her here Stateside anytime soon, here’s to 2014 in Brazil.

Nationality: Brazilian | Height: 5’9″ |Measurements: 34-24-36

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