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Charlotte McKinney Should Be On Your Radar [PHOTOS]

I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it again about the next model I post on this “Should Be On Your Radar” column, but Charlotte McKinney‘s just taken the #1 spot for my favorite girl in the world. So much so that there’s a good chance that I’ll start keeping track of the years by BC and AC–Before Charlotte and After Charlotte.

She probably doesn’t like hearing this because she’s her own person but if you don’t see (a dare I say “hotter”) Kate Upton in her, you’re crazy.

Charlotte’s currently represented by Mega Models Miami and just finished up a campaign for Natalya Toporova Swimwear last July. As an added bonus, I’ve done you all a favor and included the BTS video.

Measurements: 32-24-34 | Nationality: USA

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