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Valerie Azlynn On Sullivan & Son [See Her Tonight]

Valerie Azlynn on Sullivan & Son

(10:00 PM EST, TBS)

Complete your Thursday by tuning in to check out the beautiful Valerie Azlynn on an all new Sullivan & Son. Valerie stars as Melanie on tonight’s show that features Ok Cha getting in a traffic accident with her charismatic yet hostile neighbor while the guys serve up pot-laced brownies in a bid to cure Hank’s glaucoma.

The lovely Miss Azylnn was born and raised in Connecticut and moved to The Big Apple when she was just 17 to pursue acting. You may remember her from such projects as Surrogates, Castle and Cold Case. Be sure to give Valerie a follow and a shout out on Twitter @ValerieAzlynn.

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