After a couple slim weeks, the home video discs are on the attack. They want to jump you in the street, empty your wallet and take over your shelves. In a colossal week of movie and TV releases, Tom Cruise’s Oblivion stands out from the pack. The early-summer smash has Cruise switching back into Top Gun mode, taking names, busting caps in bogeys and flashing his blinding smile. Boasting a far uglier smile is Matthew McConaughey, playing a swamp-lurking ex-con on the run who manipulates a pair of kids in the spectacular drama Mud. There’s also a definitive Bruce Lee Blu-ray collection and a pair of Disney classics out on Blu-ray for the first time, as well as some awesome games, including the long-awaited Pikmin 3.

Reviews by Phil Villarreal. Phil is an authorblogger and Twitterer.

Screeners were provided by the publishers for review.

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