Robin Thicke’s Babysitter Used To Be Wayne Gretzky Seriously.

Not a bad role model for the R&B superstar to have while growing up.

During the offseason in 1988, Wayne Gretzky was house-sitting for longtime friend and famous Canadian Alan Thicke. Thicke, who is known best for his career as an actor (Growing Pains baby), game show host and songwriter, was in Norway while Gretzky watched over the house with Thicke’s youngest son.

Off topic (not really) but is there a way we can get The Great One’s daughter, Paulina, and star of the Blurred Lines video Emily Ratajowski on the phone? I need a babysitter for myself and I think these two are the only people who can help.

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    1. sue nemeth says:

      I use to babysit robin and his brother back in the 80's during the Brantford Gretzky tennis classic at the holiday inn in Brantford ON Canada…A very nice family that is when Gloria and Alan thicke were still married…Small World TRUE STORY

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