This Is Why Aussie Rules Football Will Never Catch On In ‘Merica [VIDEO]

AFL fans and announcers tend to go a little apes**t over nothing in this sport

So this clip shows us what Aussie Rules Football fans consider to be the most exciting thing that could happen in their sport, “the equivalent of an alley oop” according to the announcer. That really wasn’t that exciting. Maybe it was, but the rules make no sense. Why are there four poles standing there? What was so special about the two the dude kicked the ball between.

Australia is a weird mix of American and European values, which seems to be reflected in the weird mix of soccer and football in their sport. We think Eric Bana did the best job explaining it in Judd Apatow’s not-so-great movie, Funny People.

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    1. Magpie Fan says:

      Aussie Rules football is for those athletes who can run, tackle, kick and catch a ball at the same time … unlike most other 'football' codes where the nancy's play

    2. Benjamino says:

      I have previously watched a game of your stop start yank football, i think it was the super ball game. I don't understand the rules or the play, with big men in lots of layers throwing the ball to each other… anyone can throw and then land on their stomach. I then looked up the rules, and then related it to the similar sport of gridiron, called rugby, a sport from Europe, the play then became more exciting, for i could tell my mates what each one meant. Understanding the rules of aussie footy and watching more play makes this more exciting, as no one uses a tap in footy to pass, nor gets this close to the goal square to do so! A throw is an illegal pass of play, which is a penalty and a free kick to the opposing team.

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