‘Crazy Rhubarb Lady’ Caught Stealing Rhubarb And Being Crazy [VIDEO]

Holly Lynch On Necessary Roughness [See Her Tonight]Holly Lynch On Necessary Roughness [See Her Tonight]
Today's 10 - July 31st 2013Today's 10 - July 31st 2013

Part of me wants to have a drink with this 100% certifiably crazy woman. The other part of me wants to know what the hell is so great about rhubarb. All of me believes this is the best video you’re going to see all week.

How can you not agree when the first words out of this 50+ year-old’s mouth are “Pinocchio-f*cking-nose. Go mind your own business.” A tone that graduates into, “Don’t call me sweetheart, honeybun, what are you a f*cking lezzie?”

Also, this is at a trailer park right?

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