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The Walking Dead Season 4 Trailer Drops And It Looks Like We’re Back To Basics [TRAILER]

Ah, Comic Con. You already give us more than we can handle with your drop dead gorgeous girls flocking about, and now this? We shall forever be grateful.

But, FINALLY, it looks like The Walking Dead is getting back to what made it’s first season so successful. Survival and zombies. Enough of this introducing too many characters and wanting to develop each and every one happy crap. Most fans come for the apocalyptic zombie action, not Glenn and his POA’s relationship and Andrea complaining every single 30 seconds (RIP, thank god). Time to get back to basics.

And if this trailer features all of the excitement the season is going to offer and they space it out over 12+ episodes, my letter of resignation as a fan will be handed over to the producers.

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