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Monday Mixtape: Kicking It With Kitsuné

We hope you got a chance to boogie down like we did this past weekend. And we’re not sure about you, but those sweet summer tunes are still running heavy through our brains as we slave away in the office. But just because it’s Monday doesn’t mean the good times must stop rolling. Just take a listen to this Kitsuné mixtape and you’ll be feeling the party vibes again in no time.

You know Kitsuné, that French record label that brought us some of the sexiest releases from artists like Boys Noize, Cut Copy and Hot Chip. Pair those sounds with its chic, minimalistic clothing label Maison Kitsuné, and you’re rocking out way too cool. So put in your headphones and turn up the Kitsuné mixtape by Pyramid below and you’ll be thanking us when the day flies by.

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