Yes, This Unforgettable Brony Lip Tattoo Happened [PIC DUMP]

Because all the fascination around My Little Pony will definitely outlast the permanent ink in this man’s lip. Amirite? Give me some bro hoof.

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    1. tess says:

      stupid!<img src="; width="1">

    2. Jackson says:

      Are you guys a retard or what? That tattoo is in reference to a book called The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton and is an incredibly popular and deep book not about ponies or horses at all but follows a 13 year old greaser in the mid 1960's who's name is Ponyboy (the story doesn't revolve around his name though) who gets in trouble for murder with his friend Johnny however they both become heroes sort of in the end. The book is also very depressing and has made most people who read it cry.
      When Johnny dies due to a spinal injury while redeeming himself after killing someone, he tells Ponyboy to stay gold. The gold in staying gold is supposed to signify Ponyboy's innocence (since, you know he is thirteen year old who helped another teenager murder in self defense) and a poem that Ponyboy read to Johnny when they ran away.
      Why the fuck would you mix-up an infamous line with stupid horse fetishists.

    3. jman131 says:

      stay gold ponyboy is a quote from the outsiders not a my little pony reference…read a book people

      1. nycbass says:

        Admittedly I skipped The Outsiders when it was assigned to us for summer reading in 6th grade. In the future I won't automatically assume that everything in the world is related to My Little Pony.

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