NHL ’14 The Game May Never Live Up To The Hype That Is NHL ’14 The Trailer [VIDEO]

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING will give a man who was born in the ’80’s a spontaneous erection more than the thought of dominating NHL ’94 one more time. Well, maybe Kate Upton served on a platter, but even so, this game has nostalgia written all over it. Nothing better than switching back and forth between NHL ’94, Streets of Rage and Road Rash before while some Polly-O string cheese before going outside and throwing around the Vortex. Memories.

Big Flyers guy, but I’ll admit the ’94 Blackhawks were the best video game hockey team of all-time. Roenick, Chelios, and Smith with Belfour between the pipes. Unstoppable.

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    1. Newport says:

      Smiity, I'm challenging you to a Barstool challenge in NHL '14. If I win, you go back to Barstool and apologize. If you win, you still go back to Barstool.

    2. fat face says:

      smitty im gonna come over with a needle so i can deflate that fat face of yours

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