Not Sure If Lingerie Football League Trash Talk Is Arousing Or Frightening [VIDEO + PICS]

Possibly both. The looks of an Olivia Munn combined with the attitude of Alvin Mack from The Program makes for one confused erection.

“You wish you can f*ck me” was the kicker of all kickers. Because, yes, we can wish upon a star. Where is the Make A Wish foundation when I need it? The only way I’m getting close to any one of these beauties is if I had access to the Cave of Wonders.

And now, the best of the best of the LFL:



    1. Newport says:

      Why did you leave Barstool?

    2. RedHotSmittyPeppers says:

      Sometimes I feel like I don't have a Smitty
      Sometimes I feel like my only friend is the Smitty I live in
      The city of Smitty, lonely as I am. Together we cry #SMITTYCOMMITTEE

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