Lil’ Dickey’s New Video For ‘Sports’ Is Absolute Flames [VIDEO]

Excuse me if my suburban Philadelphia upbringing has made me partial to Lil Dickey, but dammit he may be my favorite rapper. Ever. Sports is just another sure fire hit off of his mixtape to go along with what we’ve already covered in Ex-Boyfriend and White Dude (the best in my opinion).

Also, I NEED every single piece of apparal shown in this video more than I currently need to breathe.



    1. Newport says:

      Smitty… What the fuck are you doing here?

    2. BigDick says:

      At least this place has a better comment section than the stool

    3. FireMo says:

      good hire never heard of you before today

    4. brodeurgoat says:

      you suck at mario kart

    5. Dave"JewDog"Portnoy says:

      Smitty, I am so sorry. Please forgive me… I am but a simpleton. A jew amongst men… Oh my smitty….

    6. imtough says:

      miss you bud. its getting wild over there

    7. Goddy77 is a homo says:

      Smitty, baby, please, come back to me.

    8. come back says:

      please come back to barstool!

    9. SMITTY says:

      Take me down to the paradise smitty, Where the grass is green and the girls are Smitty VIVAAAAA #FireMO

    10. SweetButteryLou says:

      I'd rather eat my stool than read the stool without you Smitty.

    11. Seth2021 says:

      Is this a poor man's stool?

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