Today In Russia: Dascham Car Meets Children’s Faces [VIDEO]

So who is more at fault here: The man driving the wrong way on an obvious one-way street or the mother navagating swiftly through parked cars with her children without looking to see if there are any vehicles coming? Answer: Mommy. Because I’m fairly certain there are no such thing as one-way streets in the Motherland. Or red lights, stop signs or regard for human life in general. Just picture the roadways in Russia being as uncivilized as Twisted Metal or Grand Theft Auto in real life.

But seriously, hope the kids are OK. The daughter should be fine, at least. Drama queen didn’t start pouting for attention until she saw her brother get all the love from Mama.

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    2. Perv says:

      if so, your head is a huge melon…

    3. Smitty & Garfunkel says:


    4. Justin Smittylake says:

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