Woman Kicked Out Of Water Park For Having Big Boobs

Madelyn Sheaffer was told to take her twins elsewhere at the Independence Water Park in Independence, Missouri and, as you can see in the video, she was not too happy.

Little does the water park know that it’s a safety hazard NOT to have Sheaffer 50 feet from a pool at all times. You never know when you’re going to need some massive flotation devices to help save lives.

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    1. Patty says:

      According to this video, she was told to put on shorts, that has nothing to do with her chest size.

    2. jane says:

      It seems to me she was discriminated against if what she was wearing was what she had on in the interview which was a bikini? Is it size or age discrimination I do not know but this is America !!!! Land of the free and as long as she has clothes on she is ok to go out to a pool whether young girls think she looks good or not.

    3. khellriegel says:

      She dropped 100 pounds and wanted to show off her body. As a middle age man, I'm definitely ok with that that. I like freedom!

      1. Dirty Prick says:

        You dirty prick! High-Five! Freedom is good :)

    4. Ross says:

      Sounds like the Itty Bitty Titty Committee was jealous.

    5. Jo Ann says:

      The headline is NOT ACCURATE! She was asked to leave because her bathing suit top was 3 sizes too small. Did she look in the mirror when she tried the bathing sut on? It DID look indecent! If it had fit propperly, she would not have been asked to leave.

    6. Erik says:

      I they are kicking chicks out with big tits I am never going to that water park.

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