Never Get Into A Fight With An European Soccer Hoolighan [VIDEO]

Red team wins! Actually may have been as close to a flawless victory as drunken soccer fan brawls can get.

But let this serve as a lesson to us Americans. We may think we’re tough and die-hard about our sports, but you don’t see Yankees and Red Sox fans lining up in numbers for a pre-game brew-ha-ha for fun. That’s a level teetering between commitment and crazy that we’ve never experienced. But at least it’s not Russia where they’re cutting off people’s heads and playing soccer in the streets. That’s a little over the top.

Plus, how about the opening contact being kicks not worthy outside of Liu-Kang or maybe Ryu. Yes, that is two Mortal Kombat refrences to go along with a Street Fighter shout out in one blog. Deal with it.

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