Say Hello To The Sisters Arrested For DUI’s At The Same Time…In The Same Car

Double Whammy!

NBC Miami has the details:

Two sisters from Miami were both charged with driving under the influence of alcohol in the Florida Keys Saturday night, authorities said. When Deputy Martin-Reyes turned on his vehicle’s lights and siren, the Volkswagen driven by Steffany Miranda, 18, and Vanessa Miranda, 24, stopped suddenly in the traffic lane, and through the back window he could see the driver and passenger quickly switch seats, the sheriff’s office said. Both sisters were charged with DUI because at some point they were both in control of the car behind the steering wheel with the keys in the ignition.

Clever girls. I wonder if the sisters were given their Miranda rights? Get it? Cause their last name is Miranda. Excuse me while I go cry in the shower.

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