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Emily Ratajkowski Blurs Nothing In This Month’s GQ Turkey Photo Shoot

We’ve been big fans of Emily Ratajkowski since we first saw her on the cover of Treats! Magazine but her recent appearance in Robin Thicke’s removed-from-YouTube music video “Blurred Lines” has gained the Polish model a lot of attention. Like, more attention than she got for that Carl’s Jr/Hardees commercial (and that was a lot).

So it makes a lot of sense that GQ Turkey immediately jumped on the ER bandwagon and photographed Emily celebrating. What it is that she’s celebrating, we don’t know, but you can be sure that she’s doing it again because the US edition of GQ just announced that they’ll be using her pictures in this month’s magazine.

So if you were too late to see her music video, next month would be a good chance to pick up a copy of GQ.


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