What Your Favorite Fast Food Says About You

Fast food is a billion dollar industry thanks to the fast-paced, modern world that brought us the drive-thru window, car cup holder and self-regulating pacemaker.

We no longer have to sit at a table and take the time to enjoy our food or even look at it before we eat because we’re constantly on the go and have traded nutrition and meal breaks for slightly steadier paychecks. We also have more choices than ever when it comes to combo meals and to-go cuisine. Of course, the fast food you choose to stuff your face with is more telling than a fingerprint or dental record – and not just in an autopsy to determine cause of death.



    1. Dan says:

      That was the stupidest article I have read all week. Maybe all year. Somebody fire that writer.

    2. Joe Blow says:

      At least try to put a little effort into these things. Don't just take a bunch of insults and attach them to random fast food items. What a terrible read.

    3. Tor says:

      I feel like they just randomly pulled some crappy insults out of a hat and slapped it on a pic of a burger. # 9 was the only one I thought even came close.

    4. JesMojo says:

      as lame as a 1-legged horse.

    5. san says:

      It was all for fun people. lighten up.

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