The 25 Hottest Women Of Wimbledon 2013 [PHOTOS]

It doesn’t take much in the ways of sports knowledge to know that Wimbledon is the tennis tournament of the year. So naturally, every tennis pro in the world has been clawing for a spot on the ladder since the French Open ended a few weeks ago.

What makes us especially excited to watch this tournament is that in addition to the pomp and circumstance of British events, we got to watch that Sherapova vs. Serena episode. Those jabs were probably some of the best tennis television we’ve watched since they banned all those loud noises and grunts.

Maria Sharapova

WTA Ranking: | Wimbledons Played: 10 | Age: 26 | Country: Russia

Maria started the Wimbledon drama off early by shooting back at some Serena Williams comments understood to be about her. “If she wants to talk about something personal, maybe she should talk about her relationship and her boyfriend that was married and is getting a divorce and has kids.” Daaaaaaamn.

Yanina Wickmayer

WTA Ranking: 40 | Wimbledons Played: 4 | Age: 23 | Country: Belgium

For someone as young as Yanina, it must have been a pretty big honor to be included in Time Magazine’s 30 Legends of Women’s Tennis: Past, Present and Future. I guess that’s what happens when you reach the semi-finals of the US Open at the age of 19. Things have admittedly slowed down for the highest-ranked Belgian, but we’re hoping to see as much of this girl as possible.

Ana Ivanovic

WTA Ranking: 12 | Wimbledons Played: 8 | Age: 26 | Country: Serbia

Winner of the 2008 French Open and runner up in the 2007 French Open, Ivanovic clearly knows what she is doing on the clay surface. She stays busy off the court, studying finance at a university in Belgrade, but on the court she is known for her aggressive style of play. Here’s to hoping that aggressiveness translates to her life off the court.

Caroline Wozniacki

WTA Ranking: | Wimbledons Played: 6 | Age: 22 | Country: Denmark

Once thought of as the most eligible bachelorette in the world, Caroline started dating Rory McIlroy back in 2011. She’s currently enjoying a pretty good run and hopes that the surfaces of Wimbledon can help her concentrate on her game.

Victoria Azarenka

WTA Ranking: | Wimbledons Played: 7| Age: 23 | Country: Belarus

Azarenka won a junior world championship in 2005 and the U.S. Open mixed doubles title, with her partner Max Mirny, in 2007. If you are at all interested in the kinds of things that I am, Victoria is best known for her screaming and grunts during the matches. She’s usually still moaning by the time the ball gets to her opponent. No paper bags necessary for this one, fellas. Just ear plugs.

Arantxa Rus

WTA Ranking: 156| Wimbledons Played: 3 | Age: 22 | Country: Netherlands

If you can properly pronounce this girl’s name, we’ll do our best to score you a date with the sexy Dutch woman. She once held the title for the #1 junior player but has been fighting to break past the #71 spot for a few years now.

Maria Kirilenko

WTA Ranking: 10 | Wimbledons Played: 9 | Age: 26 | Country: Russia

In 2002, Maria Kirilenko became one of the youngest winners of the Canadian Open and the US Open Juniors. She won the doubles title in Estoril om 2008, partnering Flavia Pennetta, and her fourth WTA title in Barcelona. Maria was also in a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Pictorial entitled Valley of the Dolls.

Daniela Hantuchova

WTA Ranking: 48 | Wimbledons Played: 13 | Age: 30 | Country: Slovakia

Daniela is a fan-favorite as far as tennis’s leading ladies are concerned–one of the reasons she was #3 in a poll asking Top Spin 3 players which downloadable players they’d like to see (behind Serena and Ana Ivanovic).

Agnieszka Radwanska

WTA Ranking: | Wimbledons Played: 7 | Age: 24 | Country: Poland

This 24-year-old cutie became the first Polish player in history to win a Sony Ericsson WTA Tour singles title after winning the Nordea Nordic Light Open in 2007, as well as the first Polish woman to win a Grand Salm singles quarterfinal during the open era and the first to pass the $1 million mark in career prize money. There’s still no word yet on whether or not she has screwed in a lightbulb.

Anastasia Pavyluchenkova

WTA Ranking: 21 | Wimbledons Played: 5 | Age: 21 | Country: Russia

In 2006, Anastasia caught the tennis world’s attention when she beat Caroline Wozniacki (current No. 1) to win the 2006 junior Australian Open. That same year, Anastasia won the US Open junior title, then defended her title in Australia against Tamira Paszek. This name is going to be an important one to remember, if you can get the spelling / pronunciation down.

Dominika Cibulkova

WTA Ranking: 19 | Wimbledons Played: 6 | Age: 24 | Country: Slovakia

Before going pro in 2005, this smokin’ Slovakian stunner is a former World-ranked No. 3 at the junior level. However, Dominika has had limited success in her pro career, with only one WTA title in the bag, though she did beat Jelena Jenkovik at the 2008 Rogers Cup in Montreal. And she lists “hard” as one of her favorite surfaces, which doesn’t make us want to make a penis joke at all…

Sloane Stephens

WTA Ranking: 17 | Wimbledons Played: 1 | Age: 20 | Country: United States

Sloane Stephens became a household name after she beat Serena Williams in the quarter-finals of the Australian Open last year. While the two are apparently cool now, Sloane has gone on the record to state that Serena unfollowed her on Twitter and removed her from Blackberry Messenger after the defeat. Chicks are catty.

Alize Cornet

WTA Ranking: 31 | Wimbledons Played: 6 | Age: 23 | Country: France

Alize has a ton of Juniors titles under her belt, having won the 2007 Girls Singels at Roland Garros amongst others. She also scored a payday of $50,000 after winning the 2007 ITF tournament in Dnepropetrovsk. At the 2007 US Open things took a turn for the worse as she lost to Jelena Jankovic in the third round. In 2008, she came back to reached the third round with a win over Camille Pin. We’re guessing she used her clever shirt technique to distract her.

Ekaterina Makarova

WTA Ranking: 27 | Wimbledons Played: 5 | Age: 25 | Country: Russia

All things considered, Ekaterina has been on a tear recently. She posted her career-best Grand Slam finish in the 2011 Australian Open and then turned around at the 2012 Aussie Open and made it all the way to the quarter-finals (a new career-best).

Monica Puig

WTA Ranking: 65 | Wimbledons Played: 0 | Age: 19 | Country: Puerto Rico

Monica’s already made a big name for herself for this only being the second major she’s ever played in. She upset #11 Nadia Petrova in the first round of the the 2013 French Open.Slam draw.

Sorana Cirstea

WTA Ranking: 23 | Wimbledons Played: 5 | Age: 23 | Country: Romania

At only 22 years old, Sorana is one of the more talented and sexy up-and-comers in the tennis world. We aren’t the only ones recognizing her hotness, as MSN has recognized her as one of the most beautiful athletes in the world. We are all hoping she attains some more success on the court, because wins will lead to more exposure off the court. More Sorana? Yes, please.

Mathilde Johansson

WTA Ranking: 98 | Wimbledons Played: 4 | Age: 28 | Country: Sweden

While Mathilde was born and raised in Sweden, the French have taken the beautiful blonde for themselves. This is a move commonly referred to as “smart.”

Angelique Kerber

WTA Ranking: | Wimbledons Played: 5 | Age: 25 | Country: Germany

Kerber has been competing professionally since 2003 and has risen to become the top ranked German in the world. After winning 11 ITF titles and 2 WTA titles, she has made quite the name for herself and is poised for a break out. Don’t be surprised to see this beauty sticking around until the late stages.

Julia Goerges

WTA Ranking: 36 | Wimbledons Played: 5 | Age: 24 | Country: Germany

2011 was a good one for ‘gorgeous’ Goerges, winning two of her 3 finals Tour appearances. Also that year, she offed Caroline Wozniacki in Stuttgart, Germany and won a Porsche (insert convertible joke here). The years after haven’t been as good for her, but she’s still swinging the racket. And we’re still drooling.

Yaroslava Shvedova

WTA Ranking: 55 | Wimbledons Played: 7 | Age: 25 | Country: Kazakhstan

Apparently Borat forgot to include Yaroslava’s name under the nation’s #1 exports.

Andrea Hlavackova

WTA Ranking: XX | Wimbledons Played: 6 | Age: 26 | Country: Czech Republic

Andrea started in doubles and has found some success there. Her record is not outstanding, but she does have the title for most attractive athlete with name that sounds like one is hocking a loogie.

Elena Vesnina

WTA Ranking: 95 | Wimbledons Played: 6 | Age: 26 | Country: Czech Republic

Elena’s name might not be first on your list of female tennis players to watch, but she definitely knows how to capitalize on her own brand. Sponsored by both Lacoste and Babolat, Elena makes sure to update her Twitter followers as often as possible. Follow her at @EVesnin001 here.

Sabine Lisicki

WTA Ranking: 24 | Wimbledons Played: 4 | Age: 23 | Country: Germany

2010 was frustrating for Sabine as she battled injuries for most of the year, but she didn’t let that get her down. She came back strong the next year and re-entered the top 100 world rankings. She also became just the second player in Wimbledon history to advance to the semis while making the tournament as a wildcard participant. Not too shabby for someone as young as her.

Caroline Garcia

WTA Ranking: 100 | Wimbledons Played: 0 | Age: 19 | Country: France

Caroline knows all about the big stage. Two years ago, a 17-year-old Caroline nearly defeated Maria Sharapova in the Roland Garros and now she faces Serena Williams in the second round. You get one guess as to who the crowd will be rooting for.

Mandy Minella

WTA Ranking: 92 | Wimbledons Played: 1 | Age: 27 | Country: Luxembourg

While Mandy lists “clay” as her favorite surface, she hasn’t been doing very well on any surface in any WTA tournament. She’s looking for her first victory on the WTA tour in Wimbledon.



    1. Mark says:

      No Simona Halep ?

      1. tjritter79 says:

        I agree with Mark, I'd take the Simona Halep pre-surgical before any of the lovely ladies listed above!

      2. nycbass says:

        Yes but unfortunately we live in a post-surgical world. I think every male tennis fan in the world argued that call when she had the reduction.

    2. Mr Bean says:

      Where are genie Bouchard and Camila Giorgi ??????

      1. jonec says:

        Now your talking…

    3. Bjorn Borg says:

      Where's Serena?

      1. Alex says:

        The heading is 25 hottest women…

    4. blessedjoyhope says:

      this list is really not accurate or relevant, if you don't have Serena on this list. its not of any relevance.

      1. Bob Mead says:

        Serena is not in this group of young women because she is UGLY.

      2. jonec says:

        Just pictures of some good looking women on the courts…why so serious ?

    5. jonec says:

      your an idiot….go back to your checkers…

    6. 504 says:

      I thought this was suppose to be the hottest women of Wimbleton, or is this playboy pics. Serena Williams is the hottest women of Wimbleton, French Open, Olympics and all of women;s tennis, this article is a joke and truly is biased.

    7. dezzie henry says:

      where is serena? she definetly should be on this list

    8. wolvertan says:

      Are you mad that Serena dusted your poster girl Sharapova in the Olympics? You know the wimbleton champ should be on this list, as well as some others instead of some of the not so hots on the list: Andrea Hlavackova? Alize Cornet? (Ratatouille) Agnieszka Radwanska?(look like my brother). come on get your head in the hot tennis girl picking game!

    9. EPK says:

      Because she looks like a baboon

    10. jim says:

      Pironkova, Bouchard, Mladenovic, Jovanovski, Voegele….come on…make room! nothing wrong w/ the crew above, but i'll put these up vs most…may have missed one or two… got my son playing tennis ;=)

    11. Bob says:

      What and the hell is so HOT about Serena? She looks like a man with big boobs. Now if you are talking about who is the best tennis player she wins hands down.

    12. Bob says:

      Really you are going to bring race into this. Go give Jesse Jackson a call maybe he can get her on the list

    13. tfg says:

      Flavia Penetta of Italy needs to be on here!!!

    14. murkydiver says:

      It's called the 25 HOTTEST women of Wimbledon. Anyone who says Serena needs to reread the title of the pictorial. 25 Hottest, ok?? Got it?

    15. T.I.T says:

      Where is Laura Robson, Bouchard, Mladenovic,

    16. Chuck says:

      Serena Williams is built more like an NFL linebacker than a woman! Great player but good looking? Not at all!

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