Over 70 Million Americans Claim They’re Miserable At Work

Only 70? I thought there were 300 million people in America? Oh, but only 100 million of us work full-time (and that’s if we’re lucky nowadays). Still, it’s only 70?

Face it, nobody likes to work. But there is such a difference between tolerable and miserable, and apparently 70 million Americans are the latter. Here is what MSN has to say about your suffering:

According to a recent Gallup poll, seven out of 10 workers in the United States are either “going through the motions” at their jobs or they flat-out hate going to work every day. The survey classified three types of people among the 100 million Americans with full-time jobs: 30 million workers were “actively engaged” with their nine-to-fives, 50 million were “not engaged” and running on auto-pilot while another 20 million were”actively disengaged [and] undermine their companies with their attitude.” Those in the latter category cost their employers over $550 billion every year.

Very interesting. Now excuse me while I confront Wyatt who is one of the 30 million who doesn’t believe in such the work custom as “Mail Time.” Dude is making the rest of us look bad.

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