The 25 Hottest Women Of Summer TV 2013 [PHOTOS]

Normally when people think of summer television schedules, they think boring re-runs. But now that every network (including places like Netflix) realizes the importance of having an original series to hang their hat on, gone are a couch potato’s summer duldrums.

So now we’re faced with new a problem: what to watch when your weekends are already filled out with trips, weddings, and beaches.

So to help you figure out which shows you should watch and which you should skip, we pulled together the 25 sexiest stars you can catch on television this summer.

Did we miss someone that you feel strongly about? Is there a show that we completely glanced over? Let us know in the comment section at the bottom. Also, here’s our list from last Fall if you feel like catching up on some television.

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    1. FACE says:

      Denise Richards doesn't look like that anymore…or anything close to it…Come on now…

      1. James - University of Texas says:

        These photos were taken 3 weeks ago – looks pretty good to us

      2. cowbulls says:

        Denise needs to gain some weight but she is still one of the sexiest women in the world and the best on this list of 25 easily.

      3. tess says:

        Denise is still hot!<img src="; width="1">

    2. someguy says:

      What about Jess Macallan from Mistresses? The show may not be great, but she and Alyssa Milano are hot!

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