Learn From This Dude: Superman [VIDEO]

Well, you maybe can’t learn from Superman, but you can from this guy analyzing his punch

You already knew that being a nerd has been cooler than being a jock since 2005, but you may not have known exactly why. This dude is why. He used math to figure out how badass Superman’s punch would be. If he put the calculator he used to figure that out anywhere near a woman, she’d be more than aroused.

This guy, who goes by the name of Vsauce3, should open the door for you to do your own badass calculations, like figuring out how powerful Iron Man’s laser would be if he shot it at your neck in real life. Or computing the force necessary for a dog to kick a cat across a football field.

The point is, let out your inner nerdiness.

via YouTube

CharlieCOED Writer