WAGs of the US Open Golf 2013 [PHOTOS]

Anyone who loves golf (and owns a snorkel) is down right now in Ardmore, Pennsylvania at the Merrion Golf Club to watch the US Open Championship. As you may or may not have heard, the weather there at the moment is absolutely horrendous and wet, causing the opening day’s games to be delayed for over three hours.

But the important thing is that US Open is now actually open (airing live on ESPN and NBC | June 13-16).

Which means that we can now enjoy the single best thing about golf: the WAGs. Tournament after tournament I’m still amazed at the kinds of women that golfers can lock down. Cheerleaders, models, Instagram starlets, whatever–you name it they’ve claimed it.

Check out our favorite 16 WAGs below.



    1. Tom says:

      ESPN and NBC…………..not CBS, morons.

      1. James - University of Texas says:

        Thanks for catching our oversight and additionally the kind words.

    2. Tom says:

      Nice to see you have current pictures of Mickelson's and Toms's wives…..(from about 1995).

    3. Edward says:

      Don't know why you act surprised-those golfers make lots of $ and that's what attracts the women!!

    4. ELT says:

      Did you guys ever see Jason Dufner's wife? She makes most of these women look like boys…

    5. DENNIS SANFORD says:


    6. anonymous says:

      Allison Michelleti is engaged to Mike Modano now…do your research

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