The 7 Sexiest Lois Lanes of All-Time

Lois Lane is probably one of the most well-known comic book characters without any actual superpowers. There’s something about the damsel in distress that not only captured Superman, but also several generations of teenage boys. So in honor of the new Man of Steel movie, we present you with the sexiest actresses that have ever had the honor of playing opposite Superman.



    1. the_real_thirteen says:

      Phyllis Coates was not the first live-action Lois Lane. Noel Neill played Lois in the 1948 and 1950 Superman movie serials. The TV series, which began filming in 1951, was aggressively recast, and Phyllis played Lois for the first 26 episodes. When Phyllis quit the series, Noel was asked to return to the role.

    2. Supe R Man says:

      Erica Durance, without a doubt, has been the hottest Lois – that wasn't even a really good pic of her!

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