20 Things You Didn’t Know About Superman

Man Of Steel is opening worldwide tomorrow to the highest expectations imaginable for a superhero movie. The reviews are mixed from those who have seen it thus far, as we mentioned in our Amy Adams Gets The GIF Treatment post (also be a man and check out the 7 Sexiest Lois Lanes Of All-Time) that Rotten Tomatoes has Man Of Steel scored with a 67% rating while the lackluster, 49-hour long Superman Returns featured a 76%. Ouch. It might have been that expectations were so high for this Christopher Nolan produced and Zach Snyder directed film, but nevertheless, Superman is going to be here to stay. That’s precisely why we put together the 20 Things You Didn’t Know About Superman.



    1. Adam says:

      The Seinfeld one isn't really that accurate. For most of those episodes, the only reference is a superman magnet on the fridge, or an action figure that's on a shelf, and I think George may have had a poster in his bedroom too. They don't talk about Superman at all, just pan the camera past them as part of the normal shooting of an episode. Calling them a reference is like saying that they reference couches in every episode because Jerry has one in his apartmen

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