Say Hello To The Woman(?) Arrested For Putting On A Mask And Chasing Kids With A Chainsaw


Leatherface may have found his perfect match with this handsome lady.

50-year-old Lynn Marie Herzog of Missouri was arrested after she threatened some neighborhood children with a chainsaw while wearing a ski mask. A neighbor ratted out Herzog after she spotted her masked with the deadly weapon while chasing and cursing at her child and other kids from the block for throwing rocks at her house. Little did the kids know he probably put on the mask because they would’ve been more frightened just looking at her face.

Herzog has been charged with felony harassment of a child under 17 and faces up to four years in prison if convicted. She is also being chastised by horror fans around the world for going with a ski mask instead of the old school hockey mask. Amateur hour.

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    1. Lizzy says:

      Seriously you are on those brats side? They got what they deserved they should not have been harrassing that woman. Adults clearly have forgotten what its like to be a kid, and let me tell you, kids are freakin nasty, you cant reason with them, or even politely ask them to stop Those snot nosed llittle twerps were tresspassing on her property but I doubt they will be doing it again. A good scare will teach those brats more then a hug will. Has this overly pc world really corrupted your mind that much?

      1. Slcw says:

        will have to agree……….. when we were little if we did things such as that we got our ass beat. But the problem now days is these kids know mommy will bail them out and start another uproar about someone else doing something to their child. When if they would actually raise their kid properly they would not have thrown the rocks in the first place. Those little shits got what they deserved, and need more.

    2. Cameron says:

      Nut case

    3. catalina says:

      Ha! This could of been a funny prank if they didn't call the cops. Cops always ruin everything.

    4. KarasBluntly says:

      Great. Now that this is considered a crime, I have no clue what to do now with my kids for fun.

    5. jim says:

      I am sure the saw wasn't running, so what is the big deal—- they ought to lock the little 000000's up for throwing stones at an occupied dwelling

    6. @KALMASIOPE says:


      1. Felicia says:

        We don't punish kid's anymore, that is unless you're a black kid walking down the street with a tea and skittles!

    7. Guest says:

      What a mean spirited article to begin with! YES she's clearly a normal woman, over the age of 35 that doesn't have the time or luxury to spend on her looks! Which shouldn't matter AT ALL! People should watch their kids, kids shouldn't throw rocks at houses and neighbors scaring bratty kids shouldn't be cause to call the cops!! The kids should be PUNISHED severely and made to apologize and repair any damage. Course that's how I was raised and I'm more like the tortured lady. I would have followed the little dears home and talked to the parents for fair warning, 2nd offense and its time for the police.

    8. keepalowprofile says:

      That was a very dangerous thing for her to do… She could have fallen on the chain saw and really hurt herself.

    9. @allengmn3 says:


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