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MJ Day Tweets Out A #Boobcam Vine Of Anne V Joining The Twerk Team [VIDEO + PICS]

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The team behind the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue might have it good, but they don’t have it easy. As you can tell from Editor MJ Day’s Twitter and Instagram account, they’re already out scouting and shooting for their upcoming 2014 issue.

And that’s good news for one reason: they’re sending out teasers from the upcoming issue.

Along with Associate Editor Darcie Baum (Twitter/Instagram) and Swim Daily, the SI Team has begun tweeting out photos from what’s come to be known as “the #boobcam.” Essentially it’s just a photo of a SI Swimsuit model with only her boobs showing and not her face, and it’s up to fans and amateur sleuths to start guessing who it is and where it’s being shot.

Well, we’re no amateurs but we’re going to play this game. I know SI models like the back of my hand I can tell you right away that the vine you see above is 100% Anne V. That’s a Russian booty through and through.

Stay tuned as we try and solve the rest of The #Boobcam Mysteries. Below are the photos that have been tweeted out so far, along with our best guesses.

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