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The Future Of Video Games: Watch This Stoned [VIDEO]

Actually, this stuff will be used for way more than video games

This video is a promo for some sort of nerd forum coming up. That’s not important. What’s important is what nerds have decided they’d like to give the world in the next few years in terms of digital technology. There’s some really cool stuff shown in the video, which as we said, you should watch stoned (the music and narration makes it feel like a Bob Ross painting program or video game golf).

However, they seem to have left out some obvious new applications of this technology, including virtual reality porn, violent video games, and for f**k’s sake, forgery and identity theft using the new handwriting software.

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    1. ps3 games says:

      That was a very interesting video! I always wanted to know what are the different types of technology that goes on behind current video games.

      ylod fix

    2. Yes I agree that this project is not only applicable for the development of much better video game graphics but also for the development of higher quality of graphics for movies and other projects that uses digital technology. I am very impressed with this video especially the part of "Interactive Authoring of Simulation-Ready Plants". – small business phone

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