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See Her Tonight [Kimbra On LAST CALL WITH CARSON DALY]

Kimbra on Last Call With Carson Daly

(1:30 AM EST, NBC)

Stay up late night tonight to check out the beautiful Kimbra sing on Last Call With Carson Daly. Kimbra (Johnson) is the famous woman vocals on Gotye’s Somebody That I Used To Know. You know, that song that you’ve heard about a million times and then saw it covered a million more but somehow you still thing it’s good.

The lovely Kimbra was born in the land of New Zealand but is currently based out of Melborne, Australia. She’s released 8 singles since 2005 and is only the 3rd New Zealander ever to win a Grammy for her work on the mega hit mentioned above. Be sure to say hi and give Kimbra a follow on Twitter @kimbramusic.

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