Amanda Bynes Tells Perez Hilton to “Kill Himself”

Oh Amanda Bynes, we love you for continuing to fill our lives with a daily dose of hot mess crazy. Her latest Twitter outrage came full force at Perez Hilton after he posted a photo of her jumping on a trampoline at SkyZone in Buffalo, NY last night.

amanda bynes skyzone

Image via Perez Hilton

After seeing the post, Amanda went HAM on Twitter:

ā€œ@perezhilton no one wants to s**k your d**k! Stop living! Kill yourself! I look sooooo much better than the girl you hired to look like an awful cheeky version of me! So Iā€™d say F*ck You but no one wants to! I just say keep living in your sh*tty existence leaching off of stars who you look, sound, and act nothing like!ā€

We would probably lash out on Perez too. But Bynes doing it in a crazy wig is so much funnier.

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