12 Gadgets to Make Your House Smarter

We’re really bummed society has failed to get us the flying cars The Jetsons and Blade Runner promised. Sure we have phones with touchscreens and portable devices that allow us to listen to every song we’ve ever heard, but they still can’t make us look “Harrison Ford cool.”

Fortunately, home and house technology has been able to fill some of the void that being flying car-less has created in our lives. These gadgets can make your home feel like you’re living in the future, even though there’s no flying car in the garage (seriously, where are the f*cking flying cars? Get on it, America!) Check out 12 of the coolest home gadgets below. Bonus points: if you’re rocking the new Samsung Galaxy S 4 or Note 8, you can use it to control many of these high tech devices.



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      These tech gadgets range from awesome(lockitron) to absolutely stupid(AC unit run through raising or lowering your voice)

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      Home Moving Says: Really nice Really so nice talk , i think we can use this thing for our own house, keep it up

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