Body Paint Babe Bonanza: Sexy Superhero Edition [54 PHOTOS]

We don’t ever need a reason to post beautiful body paint photos of gorgeous women, but when we heard that the CW is relaunching the Wonder Woman series, a role originally meant for Adrianne Palicki on NBC, we thought a Superhero bodypaint gallery was way overdue.

But that’s old news and Adrianne has kept busy with other projects.

What’s new news, though, is that the CW recently put out a casting call for the upcoming role. Considering all the women who’ve been using Wonder Woman for cosplay ideas, I’m guessing there’ll be no shortage of applicants.

The women below have gone above and beyond, wearing only the Amazon’s body paint.

See More Body Paint Photos Here.



    1. devilman says:

      artistic!<img src="; width="1">

    2. Guest says:

      "wearing only the Amazon’s body paint." And underwear. And Shorts. And pasties. Basically, all the parts of bodypaint that makes mean giggle have been completely removed.

    3. This is a nerd's dream. Great feature!

    4. guest says:

      old west is harley quinn

    5. lana26 says:

    6. Airvolution says:

      Hmmm thanks for the credit – I painted the 3rd girl in gallery.

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