‘Maury’ Just Taped Its 2,500 Episode, Meaning 2,500 Free DNA Tests Have Now Been Given [VIDEO]

For the special occasion, which was taped yesterday but airs on Friday, his wife Connie Chung jumped out of a cake.

Cute, but obviously not as cute as the “You Are Not The Father” montage above. And you may laugh at their celebrations, but imagine how you would feel if you just got off the hook of 18 years of required payments to someone you don’t like for something you didn’t want? I’d be happy enough to do a little Irish Jig on national TV, too.

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    1. Sean says:

      LOLOL at the ending to this video but as for the mothers that didn't know who the father was of their kids that says something about today's society … pathetic … and I feel bad for the kids who had to have their faces plastered all over the tv screen for the world to see. Maury your show only makes things worse.

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