The 50 Most Popular UK Glamour Models On The Web (According To Google) 2013

In the past few years there’s been a “British Invasion” of a whole other kind–one that doesn’t involve music, beatles, or stones. Hundreds of sexy glamour models from the UK (that’s England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) have broken onto the pages of Nuts, Loaded, Front, FHM, Maxim, Page 3, and even Playboy; making British glamour models some of the most popular women on the web.

But what is glamour modeling? For starters, it often involves nudity or implied nudity. It’s not meant to be particularly art-y or deep, the women are just there to be sexy. Think Playboy (in fact, this was the publication that really jump-started the style’s popularity).

But what sets the British models apart from the pack is that almost none of them are what you’d call “petite.” They’re often super-chesty, very sexy, playful, and in the pages of nearly every European tabloid. We’re not the only ones who understand what sells.

But everyone has their own favorite British glamour models–that’s part of what makes them so awesome. But since I now get paid to do research on this kind of thing, I figured I’d spend some quality man hours researching who was the internet’s favorite. Using a method similar to what we did in The 50 Most People Women on the Web, I’ve determined the most popular British glamour model on the internet.

Learn who it is below.

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    1. henzio says:

      I can't choose the best one<img src="; width="1">

      1. nycbass says:

        Yeah, thankfully we weren't in charge of ranking. Personally, though, I really dig Lucy "V" Collett.

    2. james buchner says:

      wow i agree all beautiful women

    3. mbug says:

      #39 Gemma Merna looks a lot like #24 Sophie Reade

    4. James says:

      Seriously no Sammie Pennington?

    5. Jay says:

      Wtf is katie price doing there, shes a fucking duck. xD… Also, where is Mellisa Clarke?

      1. aminul says:

        I like you.

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