This Girl Can Chug A Beer Through Her Ear

Guys have always admired and adored women who can handle a drink. It’s hard to explain. We translate our admiration for their alcohol holding abilities into some strange form of emotional and physical attraction. If I could explain the reason, I’m sure I wouldn’t be doing this for a living.

It also would help me explain why this strange video of a woman (literally!) doing a beer chug with her ear is producing some familiar feelings in a, shall we say, familiar area.

The Russian speaking woman in this video enjoys a tasty brew with her friends by sucking up the magic liquid through a straw with nothing but her ears. Some are speculating that it might be a fake but it’s a damn good one if it is because the camera stays on the glass the entire time as she’s sucking down the beer with her ear.

I thought the Internet couldn’t create a weirder trend among alcoholics after gifting us with the likes of “Batmanning” “pejazzling” and “vodka eyeballing.” Thanks as always, Internet, for proving me wrong.

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Danny GallagherCOED Writer
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