Student Gives Bad Teacher A Piece Of His Mind While Getting Kicked Out Of Class [VIDEO]

This fiery young lad from a high school in Duncanville, Texas, speaks up against his crappy teacher for not being engaged with her students and being there solely to collect a paycheck. Maybe if there was a student like him in every classroom across America we wouldn’t be 23rd in the world in math and 31st in science.

Keep on preaching, modern day Jeff Spicoli. You are the future this country needs to thrive.

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    1. Mark says:

      . I myself went to Duncanville High School. I am now 38 years old and understand what Jeff is speaking of. Even when I was at Duncanville High, I can only remember one teacher who would interact with us as students. The rest were just like Jeff's teacher. I am not saying anything bad about Duncanville High School, I also went to a High School in Houston Texas that had teachers just like Jeff's teacher. Our education system is failing our student. This has been going on for years and it seems to get worse every year. I agree with Jeff, our students are our future and kids will learn better with interaction and not just by reading a paper. I myself dropped out of high school when I attended Duncanville High in my Junior year. I later went back to finish my education (not at Duncanville). I was even told by my Military recruiter that I did not drop out of school because I could not do or understand the work, I dropped out because I was bored. Schools and teachers need to interact more with their student in the class room. I believe it would go a long way in helping our education system get back on track. And I want to thank Jeff for speaking out, not just for his education but for education and students everywhere.

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